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We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Performance



Brad's intuitiveness to immediately get results are powerfully instrumental to heighten the trajectory of your journey.


          What's even more fascinating is, the roadblocks he finds and eliminates    

      dramatically improves clarity, stress management and the ability to stay calm and                  focused regardless of the chaos and uncertainty in each facet of your life. 


               Being able to tap into ones' personal power, while unblocking the triggers                                            creating the negative patterns that preventing optimal human                                                 performance is critical to achieving the height of fulfillment craved by so                                     many high achievers.


Brad Has Solved

Complex Problems & Enhanced The Performance Of  High Achievers From Around The World.

If you  refuse to settle for mediocrity, and are ready to achieve up to 5 times more profit, and spark new life in your intimate relationships, now is your opportunity to create what you're destined in your legacy.


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A different approach, using a more efficient method of achieving optimal performance and wellbeing.

Brad Vaillancourt is a powerhouse of human performance expertise, a force to be reckoned with as a coach, speaker and philanthropist. He stands tall as the nation's preeminent demolisher of success-blocking, self-sabotaging patterns that incite anxiety and panic attacks. With unwavering determination, he has empowered over 20,000 individuals across 10 countries and continues to expand his reach globally through electrifying podcast appearances, transformative workshops, and bespoke programs that set the bar for excellence.

For more than two decades, Brad's compassion-infused, high-performance approach has sparked rapid and profound transformations in the lives of thousands. His name is synonymous with swift, impactful change, and he's renowned for orchestrating mind-blowing turnarounds in the lives of those he touches.

A trailblazer in the realm of human potential, Mr. Vaillancourt's expertise extends to publications focused on unleashing one's peak performance capabilities. Recently, he graced The Price Of Business, a prestigious and long-standing syndicated business radio show in the U.S., with his insightful commentary.

Brad's mastery lies in unearthing the root causes of performance hurdles, liberating people from their own limitations, and igniting their full potential. He has single-handedly revitalized workplaces plagued by toxic stress, transforming teams into unstoppable forces and putting an end to revolving door staff replacements.

A sought-after mentor for leaders across various industries, Mr. Vaillancourt has amplified the success of businesses in finance, commercial construction, real estate, automotive, wine, personal health, oil, media, sports, tech, and the movie world.

Beyond his professional accolades, Brad's heart beats with compassion. A true philanthropist at his core, he champions numerous charity events and leads teams in the fight against diabetes, cancer, ALS, child abuse, and countless other worthy causes. Bold and selfless, Brad Vaillancourt is a force that leaves an indelible mark on every life he touches.

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