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CEO's, athletes, and hardworking moms love how much easier their work and home lives become, with less effort as they achieve more than ever. These high performance decisionmakers are driven to do as much as possible at an ultra high level, optimizing their windows of time. If you're one of these people, you too can dominate and lead to making more profit, break records, and create happier households. Contact Brad today to find out how you too, can maximize your performance, and your quality of life.

Perform At Higher Levels With
The Lunchtime Quickie

Never drag your butt back to work after lunch again!

Break those limiting patterns and self-sabotaging beliefs in a fun and safe group setting, ANYWHERE you want to be.

This 6 eek program is a twice weakly, 30 minute session to transform those issues stopping your business and relationship performances.

This means you are losing money and rpeople who used to love and look up to you. Now, you're struggling to have the fulfillment you want out of your work and home life!

See if you qualify to join the many who are driven to dominate life!

Connect with us today, and start dominating right away!

Shift Into A Higher You

Contact Brad For Details

High performance people are notorious for needing to be very efficient with sleep. It's a delicate balance that often gets disrupted. 

The Sleep Enhancer helps you find and correct the root cause(s) holding back your optimal sleeping pattern.

Wake up feeling fresher, with a brighter start to you day. Sessions are performed close to your bedtime to help with hormonal re-balancing and help you break the patterns keeping you from optimal sleep, and a better wake up experience.

You'll experience 7 nightly remote sessions for a week, from the comfort of your home. As a bonus, you'll have another session with Brad 7 days after the program to set you up for more success.

Sleep Enhancer Program If you believe you are a fit for this program, book your qualifier call here


Whether you are running an athletic or business function, why not add some fun ways to get to know and enhance your body's ability to handle stress better, become more mobile within seconds, and become happier people in the process.


Brad's custom integration of up to 13 modalities will shock your people, and without knowing it, they might even learn how to handle stressful situations more successfully. 

Contact Brad today to learn more about how your talented people can get the boost for optimizing performance.

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